• Clay Matthew


Updated: Aug 31, 2018

This predator is known as a Coulomb and resides in the Mothwood Forest, Mushroom Marsh, and several other regions of The Glades.. The Coulomb preys on bugs and other small animals by using the three spheres on it's head, known as Rosen Pods, to lure prey to it's death. The prey smells a cherry scent and follows it until reaching the Coulomb. After the prey climbs onto the Coulomb, it is led to the Rosen Pods where it begins to eat them. In the drawing, two of the pods are shown as red, but this only happens after bugs land in them and the Rosen hardens. However, Rosen is clear and edible before turning red and hardening. Once the prey begins to eat the clear Rosen, a red acid is dispersed through the Coulomb and into the gel-like pod., trapping the prey's mouth with the next bite, and pulling it into the acidic pod where it is liquified and digested with toxins. The creatures in the trees, as explained in another post, are the Vamiliar. The Vamiliar become enraged after seeing Myro holding the Coulomb's Pods as they function as the protectors of the forest. As you can imagine, the Vamiliar are vegan.

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