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Kabul - Ancestry and History

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

The Kabul are a feared species of insects that were once home to a geyser on the third floor of The Vapor Sea. The geyser power was that of allowing humans to turn themselves into bug like creatures. When humans began to raid the geyser shortly after it appeared, they found the land hard to navigate and a plethora of dangerous bugs. After 500 years, due to the harsh climate and natural predators in the geyser, there had still yet to be a conqueror. No human thought much of this situation, not even the Peace Core. They believed that geysers could just be solved whenever and that age didn't matter. However, as the geyser aged past 1,000 (one of the oldest on the third floor) the Peace Core soon realized their mistake. The immense amount of time allotted allowed the various insects inside the geyser world to develop and even evolve. They began building developments and interbreeding to have stronger offspring. They even waged wars among themselves and shed their vast amounts of blue blood until one species remained the victor. This species was a group of bees - known as the Varroa - that performed orders given to them by the former Queen. Now with all of the bugs under the bee's control, the Queen turns her focus to increasing larvae production in hopes of birthing a queen worth usurping her.

Fifteen days go by and although several Queen's have been born, though the Queen has yet to choose one to usurp her. Instead, the Queen comes up with a rather sinister plan. She decides to use the raiders they've been keeping encapsulated in honeycombs as a carriers for their offspring. In other words, the Queen uses the power of the scorpions - now under her control - stingers to absorb and inject her royal jelly into the body of humans. After 15 more days go by, the Queen the former Queen has been searching for is born and she steps down from the throne - dying a few days later. The Queen is a half human half bee hybrid with a stinger that is a mixture of both a scorpions and bees.

Thirty years later, the Queen begins an initiative to leave the geyser. She was told of an outside world by her human father as a child and now wants to see journey there. She begins a search for the "God of the Geyser" she has heard about but cannot find it. It takes four more years until she finally finds the God of the Geyser - who has taken the form of her little brother. She uses her mark on him after little thought as he is a mere drone. God then ascends and gives her a geyser power. The geyser power is that of turning living creatures into bugs that obey her will. In other words, the vapor power runs through her stinger.

Before leaving the geyser, the Queen turns all of the humans to loyal subjects and the geyser then erupts and more accurately, implodes. The geyser bubble became so large over 1,000 years that it exploded inward. Half of the hive died and many of the scorpions and the other species were wiped out. The Queen lie unharmed.

The Queen traveled the third floor and decided to make the floor her new home. She used her geyser power and made an army of bugs to obey her every command. Humans that would be used for later (there's only so much vapor to be used per day)

were placed in honeycombs inside of a much larger nest. There are several nests spread across the third floor and one Hive where the Queen lives. They tortured and studied these humans until the Queen came upon a truly awful discovery. If the Queen eats special humans known as "Vapors" she absorbs their power. This allows the Queen to use even more vapor and wield more abilities. Thus begins the Queens search for Vapors - whom she finds delicious.

When stung, a humans mind goes numb and their body grows scales. They turn into bugs from the serum in the Queen's stinger and also bow to the Queen's will. On bugs, this serum only worked to force obedience, but on humans and other species, it re-strands their DNA.

Note: The Kaimera Ants attempt and succeed at a coup during Myro's confrontation with the dying Queen.

Kabul Queen (Former)

Kabul Queen (Current - Half Human - Half Bee)

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