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Minor Geysers and Gods

Updated: May 26, 2018

Minor Geysers, the giant rock platforms on the ocean floor, are more or less, dormant Major Geysers.

Both Major and Minor Geysers contain worlds inside of them leading outside of The Vapor Sea. There is also a God within each Major Geyser known as The God of The Geyser. If you go into a Geyser World and find the God of The Geyser, you are granted the God's power and become a God Vessel, known by the inhabitants of The Vapor Sea as Vapors. Though finding God is much more difficult than one might imagine. And it is even harder to tag them and become their vessel.

When one enters a geyser world, they have three black triangles placed on their left forearm in a row. Marks can be used on living things as a means for guessing. In essence, this is a game of hide and seek with God. If you use your guess on a native of the Geyser World created by God, then you begin to age and lose your lifespan, as triangles represent your life force. If all three marks are used, you die. If all three marks are used and you miraculously find God on your last attempt (who is posing as a living thing) then you will be granted his power and your youth restored.

God Powers are vast and include powers such as:

- Becoming a Vapor Human (turn into Vapor at will).

- Becoming a Clay Human (turn into Clay at will and even turn surroundings into Clay).

- Becoming a Gum Human (Gum is literally the composition of your body, so when you pull off skin, it is literally just Gum).

Though each power has it's downsides. For example, if a Vapor Human uses all the Vapor in their body, they will die of dehydration. And if a Gum Human peels too much Gum off of their skin, their skin will not grow back.

To get inside of a Major Geyser, one has to force their way into the impermeable bubble that allows Major Geysers to float. The only way to permeate the bubble is with immense force from a Military Airship. As the name implies, only The Peace Core has Military Airships so most people don't even get a chance to get these God Powers.

To get out of a Major Geyser, you need to find The God of the Geyser. Once you do that, the geyser erupts and you are projected out into the next layer of The Vapor Sea.

To get inside of a Minor Geyser, you take an Airship to the top of the Geyser and jump into a crack within said Geyser where steam is coming out. This will allow you to descend into a wormhole leading to the Minor Geyser World. Most people don't go into Minor Geysers since for a Geyser to be considered Minor, the God must have been taken out of the world and placed into a vessel. This leaves only valuables in Minor Geysers and most of the time, after the God is taken out of the Geyser, the world falls to bits so it's beyond risky to go into Minor Geysers.

To get out of a Minor Geyser, once must unite all seven Angels that were left behind by The God of The Geyser when they entered their vessel. They will use the remaining steam in the geyser and erupt the geyser one last time into the next layer of The Vapor Sea. There's a very high risk of the Geyser World being destroyed in this process as The Minor Geyser itself might erupt and cave in on itself.

Angels are scattered across their respective Geyser Worlds on purpose to watch over it as, well, Watchers. Though, they do not interfere with how the world operates. They only report their findings back to the vessel, i.e. God.

Humans can only have one God Power. The reason being is simply because once a God accepts a finder, they become one within you. So if two God were literally inside you, they would fight inside you as a means to keep you as a vessel. This would end up killing the vessel.

People who plunder Geysers for their riches and powers are known as Raiders.

Powerholders are regarded as Vapors.

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