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Mothwoods - Groves and Glades

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Home to carnivorous plants, The Spirit Tree, The World Tree, and the Bubble Swamp, the Mothwoods has plenty to offer every living creature, unless you're a human...then you're offered to it...well, half the time.

The Mothwoods are the general term for the gigantic forest bisected by The Great Divide into a left and right plane. Humans live on the right side of the divide in deforested areas known as the Glades whereas the Vamiliar live on the left side of the divide in heavily forested areas known as the Groves.

Each Grove and Glade is designated with a State Tree, the largest tree in each Grove and Glade's region. The State Trees acts as a border for the individually run sovereign states of the Mothwoods. However, the borders don't separate the Humans from the Vamilar. Instead, the borders separate people from people and Vamiliar from Vamiliar - though for different reasons.

Humans use their borders to separate citizens of different cities from each other, the purpose being to reduce crime and maintain order through laws.

Vamiliar use their borders to separate one tribe from another. While these tribes are all part of branch families leading up to the head family - Franmoth is the Chieftan of the Head Family - they operate under their own laws and traditions during peace times. If war breaks out, the laws and traditions of the branch families are put on hold and the head family reigns supreme.

The border patrol for each Glade and Grove lives in the State Tree. The State Trees also act as a sign post for the inhabitants of layer one's seafloor as well as the occasional foreigner. State Trees have ID's in the form of single and double digit numbers carved into them so that one can easily identify where they are in the Mothwoods.

On the left plane of The Great Divide, Vamiliar Territory - Groves, State Trees are numbered from a range of 0-49 while the right side, Human Territory - Glades, numbers from 50-99.

To give you an example, here are some borders in the Mothwoods with their corresponding State ID's.

  • Mushroom Marsh [Grove - 07]

  • Truffula Town [Grove - 26]

  • White Whale Forest [Grove - 42]

  • Tsunami City [Glade - 62]

Note: The Great Divide has not always existed. It is a mountain of mystery made during the Reconstruction. The Geyser Belt floats above The Great Divide.

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