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Peace Camp

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

The Peace Core harvests minerals (coal), metals (iron, steel) and gems (diamonds, emeralds) from Major Geysers to be used in The Vapor Sea by forcing criminals to mine and live in Construction Camps (more well known as Peace Camps). There are are prisons in The Vapor Sea but nobody is allowed in them, not even the press or family. The reason for is due to the fact that prisons are empty on most occasions since all the criminals are mining. There are, however, propaganda days when prisons house inmates (actors from families loyal to the Ethereal Counsel) and vetted press is let in to take pictures of the "horrors" that only those who have violated the Disturbance of the Peace Act experience.

Every Major Geyser has mountains grow in it as a result of the Major Geyser's growth extending from outward rubble and becoming inward rubble (mountains).

Once the geyser is depleted of it's resources, criminals are gathered together and moved to the next geyser via airship to mine once more.

Then, a hand selected peacemaker is sent to find the God of the Geyser and return with it's powers. This strengthens the power of the Peace Core.

The majority of the sea's inhabitants know nothing about Peace Camps. It is kept secret from the world, to maintain peace.

Note: The severity of a criminal's crime determines which Geyser Group/Peace Camp they are sent to. Robbers with robbers, liquidators with liquidators, and murderers with murderers. They all do the same things, though.

Miners climbing a mountain inside the camp:

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