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Symbol of Peace

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

The Peace Core is the central power of The Vapor Sea and resides in every layer as to quell crime wherever it may form. They are the beacon of hope for the citizens roaming the seas and locking up criminals in order to preserve peace and unity. They are the domineering power of this world, being formed from over one hundred ancient Kingdoms and harness many talented soldiers and powerful weapons.

The Peace Core is the seemingly just overseer of The Vapor Sea, but at second glance, one will realize that they have twisted ways of preserving "peace". This type of peace is more or less, "Absolute" or "True Justice." In other words, the Peace Core, who is currently fighting a war dubbed the War on Terror also known as the War on Raiders, outsources to organizations like Al Tharman, Al Torran, and Al Kevas to do rather unpleasant work.

Their hidden philosophy is more or less that if there is a common enemy that the people face, then the Peace Core, comprised and funded by many nations and kingdoms, will stay together as the countries that make it up will have no reason to leave the aid of their allies.

The whole philosophy centers around killing a few people now with sporadic terrorism saves killing tons of people in the future via wars and other violence. That is why this war is known by the people as, The Final War.

The inhabitants know nothing of the dark side of the Peace Core so they're quite calmed by their "efforts." The bulk of the soldiers also don't know of their dark side. Really only the top brass.

The Peace Core is made up of:

- Peacemakers (Producers)

In charge of making laws and putting them into written form to be upheld.

- Peaceholders (Enforcers)

Judicial's who enforce the laws provided by the Peacemakers.

- Peacekeepers (Seekers)

Field agents who encounter criminals first hand, bringing honor to the Peace Core and father through any means necessary.

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