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Vapors - Power Users

Updated: May 6, 2019

In The Vapor Sea, there exists Geysers that are wormholes to other worlds where Gods live. There is one God per Geyser. The Geysers are puzzles for mankind and once completed the God of the Geyser gives the human their power and fades away along with the geyser world they created. Minor geysers are left over from Major Geysers but that's a topic for another day.

Onto the magic system, God's have a wide array of powers that affect their world they have created. For example, an Ice God lives in a Tundra while a Sand God lives in a desert. A Rain God would live in a Rain Forest.

However, powers work differently for Gods than they do for humans. For a God, the power is "awakened" as they are the original user whereas in a human the power is "dormant." The difference between these two is that a God can naturally affect it's environment - as shown in the geyser world - by merely existing. Humans have to, even when awakened, consciously use the God inside them to affect the environment.

So for example, an ice vapor human that is dormant can only turn the vapor around his arm to ice and punch someone whereas an awakened ice person can freeze the ground and catch people in their tracks if they are running away.

Tar Vapor Power

Light Vapor Power

People get powers from conquering geysers, the images circled in red is that of unsolved geysers - Major Geysers - whereas blue circled images are solved. The one not circled, on the ground, is what happens after a Major Geyser is solved. This is what's known as a Minor geyser.

Floating Rubble With Bubble = Major Geyser (God is still in the geyser - unsolved) Rubble On Ground Without Bubble = Minor Geyser (God has left the geyser - solved)

As I stated before, powers depend on the geyser world. So when a person enters a geyser world and finds out what the world/environment is, for example, a Tundra, that is the power of the "God" in the geyser affecting the world. So the God is an Ice God.

When a God gives a human their power, they go into the human and watch over them. Then the human emerges in a funnel of steam with the God inside them, leaving the geyser behind, sending the rubble and geyser world to the seafloor, hence the existence of Minor Geysers.

Anyways, the power for the human is not that of being an Ice Vapor Human, instead, they're a person who is harnessing the power of an Ice God. So they can freeze their surroundings - to an extent when dormant - but they themselves are not made up of ice. Nor do they need water in the environment to freeze things. The ice forms out of the vapor from the God inside them, since in reality, they are made of water vapor.

Thus these power users are known across The Vapor Sea as "Vapors".

The same happens with all Vapors, you can be a Ice Vapor Human or even a Tar Vapor Human, so regardless of your power, your body composition is that of water vapor. The difference is the properties of the vapor itself determined by the power of each God.

My final example being that a Tar Vapor Human can create tar from their vapor and fling it at people, cover people in it, and even turn grass around them into tar if their power is awakened.

In essence, Vapors use their water vapor to form their powers, such as tar, bubbles, diamond, steel, bone, ice, fire, gum. These materials, elements, and items don't need to be near the Vapor to be used. Instead, the Vapor is creating the tar, diamond, steel, etc. with the water vapor imbued by the God inside them with a specific power that makes up the composition of their body.

When I say composition of their body, I mean that water vapor acts as the makeup of each Vapor - like blood - it's the life force of these human beings. Which brings up the question, "Can Vapors run out of water vapor? If so, what happens?" The answer to this is that they sure can run out. If a Vapor runs out of water vapor they die. Though they usually don't since they start to feel physical strain as if you were to lose a lot of blood, this is where they'd fall unconscious so the vapor can recover, preventing death. Awakened Vapors feel no strain due to using the environment around them instead of their own. Even if they did use their own, they can replenish their water vapor by putting outside water vapor inside of them and imbuing it overtime.

If a Vapor uses their power beyond the point of exhaustion, regardless of being awakened or dormant, they will lose control of their body and personality. This causes problems for the God as well since the God will turn into a Devil and take over their body. The reason the God turns into a Devil is because the human exhausted their life force and made them go insane. The only way to make the Devil revert to a God once more is by making it's vessel - still in human form - die. The Devil will then be reborn into a God.

To give you an example of how a person would run out of vapor in addition to overusing their powers, they can overuse it purely with defense:

A Vapor can fall 30,000 feet to the seafloor or even be shot and be fine, but they'll be physically and mentally exhausted after falling or getting shot a few times due to their vapor dispersing and being naturally lost into the environment. Though the majority of vapor does come back to heal them and the missing vapor is then restored overtime by the God creating it in their body, like how our bodies create and pump blood.

Each person can only have one God, the distributor of the vapor power, inside of them. The reason being is that even though Gods are more or less emotionless and don't interfere with their chosen humans decisions, they literally cannot coexist with one another. This is because Gods represent different environments and powers. So if an Ice God were to be mixed with a Fire God they just end up unintentionally fighting each other inside the human, which ends up killing the human.

If a human with a geyser power dies, a geyser forms wherever they are. Unless the power the person died with was a Minor Geyser power, then it disappears since when the Major Power Vapor dies, that Minor Geyser will form once more when solved. So a Major Geyser power might be a Magma God whereas a Minor Geyser power would be Fire God, an attribute that can come from Magma.

Note: Debris float around Major Geyser's in the shapes of three different galaxies:

- Lenticular (Debris floats horizontally around): Natural (light, wind, snow, etc).

- Spiral (Debris floats vertically around): Materialistic (plastic, rubber, tar, etc).

- Irregular (Debris floats with no distinguishable pattern): Miscellaneous (ramen).

General Vapor Power (All Vapors can use their water vapor without adding their specific power for defensive and offensive purposes).

From left to right: Fatal wound healing, cuts healing, vapor shield, releasing vapor (any vapor can utilize these abilities as they are base powers).

From left to right: Vapor punch (any vapor can do this), vapor turning to ice (ice vapor human), vapor taking on the properties of gum (gum vapor human).

Shark Vapor - Spiral

Fire Vapor - Lenticular

Fire Punch

Life Vapor - Irregular

Space Vapor Power

Cement Vapor Power

Light Vapor Human vs Ice Vapor Human

Lava Vapor Power

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